Our Technology

Enabling Businesses for Artificial Intelligence

Remark’s AI revolutionizes the way we live and work. Alongside our thermal imaging capabilities, our top ranked facial recognition software enables more efficiency and a safer work environment.

Intelligent Thermal Imaging and Facial Recognition

Remark’s software capabilities far exceed thermal imaging. As world-class experts in Artificial Intelligence using facial, body, action, and object recognition we drive revenue, efficiency, and eliminate unnecessary costs.



high traffic areas



elevated temperatures



individuals with facial recognition



central dashboard and system users



subject and object movements



system and process integrations

Tailored Use Cases and Capabilities

With object tracking, new standards such as mask compliance can be easily monitored and maintained. No-touch check-in and access to doors and gates reduce the spread of viruses and get you back to work sooner and safer.A robust system enables multiple industries such as retail, kitchens, hospitals, construction sites, airports and even smart cities to innovate and enhance their business value. Other use cases that can be served by our technologies include:
  • Object counting (construction sites, kitchens)
  • No-touch access control to doors and gates
  • Dress code enforcement
  • Employee no-touch check-in
  • PPE recognition (to maintain compliance for wearing masks or gloves)
  • People counting for mass scanning
  • Foot traffic heatmaps
  • License plate recognition

One-Stop Solution

Remark AI’s computer vision platform connects organizations, communities, and cities through unifying various sensors such as CCTV, thermal cameras, access control cameras, and more, to deliver a one-stop safety platform.

On top of the safety platform, state-of-the-art artificial intelligence modules create social distancing parameters, mask detection, facial recognition, people counting, and tracking based on both facial attributes or by non-facial recognition such as height or wardrobe to enable a comprehensive suite of functions to keep customers and businesses safe.

People Counting

Remark AI’s surveillance system uses cameras and pedestrian model to monitor the density of high-traffic areas and estimate the risk level of areas.

The occupancy of a specific area can be monitored, along with alerts provided when an area reaches maximum capacity. This application is essential for limited capacity, but can also directly protect in the case of an emergency and the ability to track each customer or employee in the case of a fire or emergency. 

Realtime monitoring of the number of people within a room or building.




Mask Detection

Remark AI’s mask classification model can detect if an individual is wearing a mask with an accuracy of 0.968 within a speed of 10ms. This feature can be viewed in real-time and also provide alerts by SMS or email to indicate any individuals not wearing masks. 

Based on the specific needs of each business, this feature is optional and has the variability to be turned on or off. 


Facial Recognition 

Remark AI’s facial recognition outperforms other industrial widely used models with an optimal balance of speed and accuracy. Highly competitive performance with the availability to provide facial recognition with part of the face covered or at various angles. 

Face Detection and Tracking

Face detection is a key part of dynamic facial recognition. It accurately detects human faces in an environment with complex backgrounds and open spaces to detect and track the faces in real time providing the optimal position for temperature read, as well as the ability to track a face or person through a complex frame or crowd. 

Anti-Spoofing Detection

Remark AI’s facial recognition can detect whether a user in front of the camera is a real person. This can resist common attacks such as photos, face changes, mask, covers and screen copying attempting to gain access and help users identify fraud. 

Behavioral Detection

Safety and security applications can reduce or alleviate hefty medical costs related to falls, running, destruction of property, and unattended bags left for prolonged periods of time. 

Fire/Smoke Detection

Based on intelligent video analysis and deep learning neural network technology, fire/smoke in surveillance area can be detected in real time and provide alarms and notifications. This can often intelligently detect a fire before the smoke has reached a fire alarm. In emergencies, a matter of minutes can make a signifcant difference in response time, and mitigating damages and risks to employees or customers.