Video Analytics is a powerful tool in improving critical response times. Being able to not only detect, but provide real time notifications can mean the difference of saving your business and your livelihood.

Real-time notifications: 

SMS and Email Notifications can be provided for any individual with an elevated temperature or on a black list and even to notify proper staff of the arrival of VIPS. 

Notifications: minimize staffing requirements, maximize efficiencies, and improve critical response time

At Remark, we strive to create a platform that not only provides the first line of defense with temperature monitoring, but has long term applications that grow and develop with your business needs. From real-time video analytics, administrators can access all thermal cameras or AI cameras simultaneously to have a comprehensive view of the space. 

As each individual walks through an entry point, parameters can be created for people counting and historical data can be accessed in relation to daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly records as it relates to the flow of people through a building, temperatures, and mask detection. 

Real-time monitoring can be done with multiple cameras in different areas or buildings. The dashboard provides business analytics such as temperature, mask, and occupancy level.

The surveillance platform monitors each passing individual based on real-time facial recognition, with the ability to track either a customers flow through a building or even detect VIP or blacklisted individuals as they walk into the building. All of these prompts can also trigger email or SMS alerts for either security or designated administrators.

Top left – Remark Bio-Safety Space monitoring multiple cameras throughout a building simultaneously with temperature tracking, mask detection, and people counting. Top right – Remark’s FaceId tracking – the ability to choose a face from the list of AI snapshots of each individual that walks into the building and the ability to track historical data of any point that the specific individual has been seen in any of the cameras.

Bottom left – Ability to designate VIP or Watchlist based on the AI snapshot or even by uploading an image of the individual. Applications also include contract tracing. Bottom right – The log of all individuals that walked in front of a thermal camera with the indication of their temperature, time, and if they are wearing a mask.

Video Analytics and Behavioral Detection 

Remark’s real time video analytics can increase a businesses overall response time during the most critical moments. From assessing threats such as a fight, fire, or destruction of property to maintaining compliance such as with our mouse detection or people counting to ensure businesses are remaining within compliance.