Computer Vision & Temperature Monitoring.

Remark AI’s computer vision improves the way we work, play, and experience safety and efficiency, regardless of a businesses’ industry, scope, or size.

Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Remark’s Proprietary Thermal Imaging Scans High Traffic Areas for Elevated Temperatures and Uses Facial Recognition to Identify and track subjects.

Fever is a symptom of Covid-19 that may appear 2-14 days after expose to the the virus as detailed by the CDC, Hopkin’s Clinic, and Mayo Clinic.

Remark AI’s thermal product line is industrial grade and developed to efficiently and accurately scan and detect individuals with elevated body temperatures.

*No thermal imaging equipment can be solely or primarily relied upon to prevent, treat, cure, diagnose, or exclude a diagnosis of COVID-19, or any other disease. What thermal imaging and temperature sensing technology does is provide the first layer of security with an initial body temperature assessment for triage use.

When used and configured correctly, these products identify any individuals with an elevated body temperature whose temperature should be confirmed with secondary evaluation methods. Temperature screening can be used in conjunction with other health practices to help promote safety for businesses, schools, restaurants, places of worship, factories, and even private residences. 

DISCLAIMER: Remark products are not FDA-cleared as medical devices and should not be solely or primarily relied upon to diagnose or exclude a diagnosis of COVID-19 or other diseases, nor are they intended for use in the mitigation, cure, treatment or prevention of COVID-19 or other diseases. When properly configured, the Remark products discussed here can identify individuals with elevated skin-surface temperatures, relative to a sample population. Our Thermal Kit and rPad products may be used to provide an initial body temperature measurement of one person at a time for triage use. Elevated body temperatures should be confirmed with secondary evaluation methods. Medical professionals or public health officials, through their experience with the device in the particular environment of use, should determine the significance of any fever or elevated temperature based on the skin telethermographic temperature measurement.


Protect your Customers

Provide the first layer of defense and security when it comes to protecting the heart of your business. The customer experience is discreet and seamless with no need to stop and stand in front of the camera or remove masks or head coverings.

Protect your Employees

Temperature monitoring and QR based questionnaires ensure the upmost safety for your employees, while SMS and email notifications allow employees to do what they do best, instead of taking staff off the floor to monitor temperatures.

Protect your Business

Track historical analytics and data for mask detection, temperature monitoring, and people counting. Maintain and monitor compliance, while creating a contactless environment using facial recognition for access control and temperature monitoring.

temperature monitoring

Remark AI Thermal Kit TK-1

Scan high traffic areas to detect elevated temperatures, identify subjects, and track movement.

thermal detection

face recognition

alert notifications

scan up to 120 individuals per minute

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Our Products and Services Have Multiple Applications Across Different Industry and Market Segments


fever detection, no-touch access control, staff/visitor check-in, people counting, secure zone access control, QR code contact tracing questionnaire

Smart Cities

virtual fencing, license plate recognition, public space monitoring, transportation center intelligence, behavior detection

Safe Schools

attendance management, fever detection, classroom monitoring, access control, student pick-up control, blacklist alarm


intelligent surveillance, heatmap, resource management, customer segmentation, VIP recognition, target marketing


passenger boarding automation and fever detection, passenger boarding pass match, intelligent surveillance, heatmap

Traffic Management

vehicle detection, license plate recognition, facial analysis, traffic flow detection, parking violations, red-light violations

Construction Sites

access control, PPE enforcement, virtual fencing, worker monitoring, intelligent surveillance, object counting


PPE enforcement, inventory management, staff management, intelligent surveillance, compliance control

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