Computer Vision

Remark AI’s computer vision improves the way we work, play, and experience safety and efficiency, regardless of a businesses’ industry, scope, or size.

Video Analytics to optimize guest experience, revenue, and safety

Business Intelligence

Our technology helps facilitate a smooth transition for traditional businesses looking to adopt an Ai-enabled system.

We partner with our customers in building and deploying a full end to end solution tailored to satisfy their business needs.

Optimize Operations

Centralized management reduces staffing demands, SMS and email notifications streamlines urgent matters to be handled accordingly.

Multi-layer verification allows for flexibility in identifying guests, staff, or attendees based on facial recognition, QR code’s, or proximity Bluetooth to provide entry, access, and a seamless experience.

Protect your Business

Track historical analytics and data for mask detection, temperature monitoring, and people counting. Maintain and monitor compliance, while creating a contactless environment using facial recognition for access control and temperature monitoring.

Remark’s Safety Space Platform is a highly intelligent video-analytic engine for detecting and tracking both people and objects.
Meta-data based on characteristic types (such as facial recognition, clothing, height, and other body/facial characteristics, along with speed, distance, behavior, and action.
Object recognition and tracking can be used in a variety of industries and contexts from finding indications of mice in a kitchen to scanning hundreds of miles or railroad track for inconsistencies. Remark’s customizable SSP Platform delivers integrated solutions to manage global health crisis, improve security and safety, and provide a 24/7 intelligence monitoring system with GDPR compliance rule based notifications and smart filter video search.
temperature monitoring

Safety Space Platform

Scan high traffic areas to detect elevated temperatures, identify subjects, and track movement.

thermal detection

facial recognition

alert notifications

scan up to 120 individuals per minute

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Our Products and Services Have Multiple Applications Across Different Industry and Market Segments


fever detection, no-touch access control, staff/visitor check-in, people counting, secure zone access control, QR code contact tracing questionnaire

Smart Cities

virtual fencing, license plate recognition, public space monitoring, transportation center intelligence, behavior detection

Safe Schools

attendance management, fever detection, classroom monitoring, access control, student pick-up control, blacklist alarm


intelligent surveillance, heatmap, resource management, customer segmentation, VIP recognition, target marketing


passenger boarding automation and fever detection, passenger boarding pass match, intelligent surveillance, heatmap

Traffic Management

vehicle detection, license plate recognition, facial analysis, traffic flow detection, parking violations, red-light violations

Construction Sites

access control, PPE enforcement, virtual fencing, worker monitoring, intelligent surveillance, object counting


PPE enforcement, inventory management, staff management, intelligent surveillance, compliance control

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